Acoustics products

Acoustic panels are typically used as wall or ceiling panels

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are designed to absorb sound and distract echoes. The sound-absorbing panels are typically used as wall or ceiling panels and help to provide good acoustics in a room.

Acoustic ceilings are used in offices and classrooms

Acoustic ceilings

Acoustic ceilings, also called sound-absorbing ceilings, are installed to improve the acoustics in a room. They are used in offices, classrooms, kindergartens and commercial buildings in general.

Black sound-insulating curtains in a restaurant

Sound insulating curtains

Sound-insulating curtains, also called sound curtains, insulate against sound penetration and are used, among other things, to shield against machine noise, between workplaces and to divide rooms into noisy and non-noise areas.


Acoustic baffles are used to control the reflection and absorption of sound waves in a room. The ceiling-mounted acoustic baffles combat noise and reverberation problems inside buildings, while being simple and fast to clean and maintain.

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