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Noise and vibrations

Noise, vibrations and poor acoustics can have serious consequences for human health and lead to concentration problems, stress and cardiovascular diseases. Exposure to high noise levels, vibrations and poor acoustics will initially lead to hearing loss and stress, but exposure over a longer period of time can lead to early death.
Noise and vibrations from machinery also lead to low productivity, poor well-being and sickness absence, which directly affects employees and the economy.

Making noise and vibration a priority

This is why, it is important that companies make noise, vibrations and acoustics a priority. This can be done by implementing noise and vibration dampening solutions, such as anti vibration mounts on machines and isolation of noise sources with e.g. noise screens, acoustic panels, silencers, soundproof doors and noise enclosures.

Investing in noise and vibration damping

Regular noise and vibration measurements in the company can identify potential problems and support an assessment of whether existing solutions are sufficient. Ultimately, investments in noise and vibration reduction as well as acoustic improvements will not only have positive effects on the health and well-being of employees, but also on the productivity and quality of work.

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IAC projects, calculates and develops noise and vibration damping solutions at a high technological level and delivers total solutions for a wide range of industries, including construction, R&D, testing, audiology, education, industry and offshore.
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