Anti Vibration Mounts

IAC Acoustics has more than 60 years’ experience in anti vibration mounts and vibration isolation, and we also have the widest range of products on the market.

  1. See a description of how to choose an appropriate anti vibration mount.
  2. DNV certificate on type BRB and BSB captive rubber mounts, also MARINE mounts.
  3. Information about rubber properties, available for some products.
  4. RoHS, REACH and PAH compliance.

Cylindrical rubber mounts

Cylindrical rubber mounts can be used for sound absorbent and isolating vibrations from stationary machinery such as fans, pumps, electric motors, transformers and compressors.

Rubber Buffers and Polyurethane Buffers

Rubber buffers are used to reduce all types of drop and impact shocks from cranes, rail wagons, doors and gates, as well as in many other applications. Rubber buffers can also be used vibration isolation in machines.

Machine Feet, Levelling Feet

Anti Vibration Machine Feet and Levelling Feet both can be supplied with a spindle for use in levelling equipment. NF and MSL machine feet include spindles, here the equipment is raised by turning the spindle. Soft machine feet used to reduce noise and vibration from machinery.

Turret mounts, V-W buffer, Double U Bearing & Hydromounts

The shape of the turret mount permits maximum deflection and thus good vibration insulation. Is used for reducing noise and vibration from smaller machines, such as fans, pumps, electric motors, compressors and vibrating tables.

Sandwich mount & Rubber-Metal Rails (Rails)

Sandwich mounts often work in the direction of displacement and can be used with shaking tables, vibrating tables and sorting systems. For sound absorbent and isolating vibrations from larger stationary machine installations.

Captive Vibration Mounts

The category of Captive vibration mounts includes mounts that do not fall apart even if the rubber becomes torn. Widely used, mainly in mobile machines, construction machines and ships.

Conical & Chassis mounts, Ring mounts and Rubber Washers

Conical buffers are highly flexible in the axial direction and have good stability in the radial direction. Designed as a secured mount and is commonly used in mobile installations both onshore and offshore.

Flexible Bushes (Flexible Bearings)

Flexible bush used both in radial and axial loads. Also torque absorption between the outer and inner tubes as well as angular displacement. They provide a secured installation when installed. Widely used in cars and agricultural machinery.

Spring Mounts

We have a wide selection of spring mounts ranging from spring Mounts in housings, with foot plate, stainless and earthquake-proof mounts and spring mounts with vertical stops.

A special selection of the spring mounts is particularly suitable for noise and vibration isolation of heat pumps and air conditioning, for example FDHL and FDHH.

Ceiling, wall and cabinet hangers.

Ceiling hangers, wall hangers and cabinet hangers for use in a wide range of applications. Used for i.a. pipework coming from compressors, pumps or ventilation systems. Large machines can also be suspended from the ceiling hangers.

Anti-vibration plates

Anti-vibration plates - for sound absorbent and isolating vibrations from larger stationary machine installations.

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