Powerful noise barrier placed on top of roof

Powerful noise screen

IAC Acoustics A/S' own noise screen is particularly suitable for damping low-frequency noise, or unusually loud noise. The product can be designed as up to 12 metres in height, and is often used in industrial applications where ambient noise screens are not strong enough.

noise screen extends above the horizon

Traffic noise screen

IAC Acoustics A/S sell and install common noise barriers for roads and the like. These noise barriers are produced in Poland and are available at very low prices.

mobile noise screen with feet in production room

Industrial noise screen

With their impact-resistant surface, industrial noise screens are suitable for installation in production areas and areas with much traffic. The monitors are available in various colours and sizes.

noise screen in several colours placed in canteen

Office noise screen

Office noise screens as room dividers or for placement directly on the edge of a desk offer quiet around workstations and improve the acoustics of the office. Thus, noise screens also increase job satisfaction and productivity.

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