powerful noise screen

The IAC Noise Shield noise screen is IAC Acoustics A/S’ tested and certified solution for a noise screen. The design is characterised by extreme noise reduction, particularly in the low frequencies. The product is available with a graffiti-resistant surface and with brackets which allow plants to grow along the side and, eventually, completely cover the surface so that, over a number of years, it blends in with nature and surroundings. The product is offered in two different free-standing versions and as wall coverings which can be used to line concrete walls along railways, roads and the like.

  • Detached Noise Shield Type FS Barriers
  • Detached Noise Shield Type SFS Barriers
  • Wall coverings Noise Shield Type C Cladding modules
  • Wall coverings Noise Shield Type C12 Cladding modules
  • Wall coverings Noise Shield Type C38 Cladding modules

The product costs more than regular noise barriers, but also provides significantly better sound attenuation and sound absorption.

IAC Acoustic Barrier
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