several models of ventilation silencers

Ventilation silencers

IAC Acoustics A/S’ ventilation silencers dampen the noise effectively and predictably. See our wide range of models designed specifically to dampen low frequency and high frequency noise. We have more designs and, not least, better acoustic data and often better prices than our competitors.

yellow valve mufflers in stock

Valve mufflers

IAC Acoustics A/S produces valve mufflers to reduce the noise which is created across operating valves and safety valves. Valve mufflers are produced from very small standard models and up to very large, custom-built models tailored to your specific needs.

large exhaust silencer on container

Exhaust silencers

IAC Acoustics A/S have developed a range of silencers for engines. These silencers reduce exhaust noise from all types of internal combustion engines, including gasoline, diesel or gas.

large industrial silencers

Large industrial silencers

IAC Acoustics A/S offers a wide range of large industrial silencers. These include silencers such as inline silencers, stack silencers and HRSG silencers. We can even deliver silencers for nuclear power plants.

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