Soundproof doors and sound rated windows

IAC soundproof door with a high degree of sound insulation

Soundproof doors

IAC Acoustics A/S soundproof doors are offered as single doors and double doors with sound classifications from 47dB(A) to 64dB(A). Simple frame structures make it possible to incorporate these soundproof doors in virtually every wall and wall construction.

Large acoustic door with built-in soundproof door

Soundproof gates

IAC Acoustics A/S delivers and installs custom-built gates with high requirements for sound attenuation. Our soundproof gates are, in principle, large soundproof doors with particularly strong frames which can carry the very heavy door leaves.

Acoustic sliding door at hospital

Soundproof sliding doors

Soundproof sliding doors are a rare product which very few companies in Europe sell. IAC Acoustics A/S' acoustic sliding doors are simple constructions with easy installation and long life.

Acoustic sound proof glass window with quadruple glass

Soundproof windows

Acoustic window constructions with simple design which allows use in many different applications and construction projects such as studios, music rooms, meeting rooms, etc..

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