purple tinge in anechoic chamber with hard floor

Semi-anechoic chamber

IAC Group has the most experience with semi-anechoic chambers in the world. Over the past 60 years, the group has developed and refined this type of acoustic test facilities. Hemi-anechoic chambers are often so large, it suffices to cover 5 of the room’s 6 surfaces with sound absorbing wedges to comply with prevailing standards. Out of the world's 10 largest hemi-anechoic chambers, we supplied 8. We provided this service to respected companies such as Volvo, Grundfoss, BMW, Jaguar, etc.

Hemi-anechoic chamber

A hemi-anechoic chamber can usually be installed in an existing building, provided the floor and supporting structures allow it. However, the room is often so large, a separate building must be constructed for this facility alone. In such cases, we assume the task of constructing the entire facility, all inclusive, so that the whole building is built around the acoustic test facility, providing a more homogeneous end result. Such services will be undertaken by our sister company, IAC UK.

Anechoic chambers are distinguished by 99% of sound energy above a defined frequency band being absorbed in the walls, floors and ceilings, thus simulating a measurement set-up floating high up in the air, free of reflection and background noise.

A semi-anechoic chamber must generally meet the requirements described in ISO 3744 or ISO 3745, so that electronics and hardware can be tested and certified according to various standards. We can help you with the best solutions on the market.

Understanding of room acoustics and anechoic chambers

To build an anechoic chamber is a multidisciplinary task which requires deep understanding of room acoustics, building acoustics and electro-acoustics. This, in addition to the necessary knowledge about the interplay of construction and design, forms the basis for the best solutions. As professionals, we help with the difficult needs analysis, including defining requirements for room size, room cut-off frequency, how the measurement set-up must be set up and the insertion attenuation done over the wall and acoustic weak points such as doors, ventilation systems, cable ducts and more.

Our semi-anechoic chambers are usually delivered with:

  • Soundproof doors and "basket-door"
  • Silenced adjustable ventilation
  • Silent adjustable lighting
  • IAC's patented metadyne sound absorbing wedges
  • floating floors
  • Soundproof cable lead-ins
  • Power and electrical installations
  • Fixtures and holders for measurement setups.
  • Data acquisition system (if necessary.)

Among other things, hemi anechoic chambers are used extensively in the automotive industry (VSAC), where they house test facilities such as:

  • Pass by chamber
  • Shake and rattle
  • Driveline
  • Powertrain
IAC Acoustic Test Facilities
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