Floating Floor

Floating floors are designed to reduce the impact of noise and vibration, thereby increasing the degree of comfort in rooms adjacent to noisy or vibrating activities such as fitness centres, bowling alleys, restaurants, cafes, discos and industrial halls.

Floating floors are also suitable for areas which require a low level of background noise, such as recording studios, cinemas, concert halls, anechoic chambers, rooms for precision measurements and buildings with offices where there is also industrial production.

Floating floor provides sound insulation

A floating floor can be a part of a room in a room solution, combined with the wall mount and ceiling mount. The principle behind IAC floating floors provides excellent soundproofing compared to other types of floor construction. We recommend VIKAFOAM or VIKACELL to reduce noise with a floating floor.

What is a Floating floor

A floating floor system consists of a floor made of two layers, separated by elements of a flexible material. The intermediate layer insulates the floor from the underlay, thereby providing soundproofing, as well as step sound isolation. Sound-absorbing material in the cavity further increases the soundproofing.

Flydende gulv konstruktion

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