Sound absorbents, Damping sheets and Soundproofing

IAC Acoustics A/S stocks 3 categories of materials: soundproofing, faces toward the noise source in order to absorb sound waves. Vibration damping plate material, damps vibrations/noise in thin-plate constructions. Soundproofing, acts as a barrier that sound does not pass through.

Sound absorbents for sound absorption in machine enclosures

Sound absorbents

Sound absorbents are most often used for sound absorption in machine enclosures, engine compartments, acoustic vents and ventilation ducts. The profiled types are often chosen for recording studios, singing practice rooms, music rooms and rehearsal rooms.

Damping sheet and soundproofing materials

For vibration isolation in light-gauge sheet constructions and increasing the sound transmission loss. It can be mounted under metal work tables, under sliding rails, on the outside of ventilation ducts and drums, in machine enclosures, and in many other applications.


Acoustic curtains, without absorption, are used in front of openings where easy access is required, such as in door openings or material feeders in machine enclosures: We also carry a walking/standing mat for use at assembly tables or machines, type SMTG.

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