Innovation within Anechoic chambers and acoustics

Quality and innovation


At IAC Acoustics our aim is to be held to our high quality level. Therefore, you can see our qualifications, certificates and memberships below.
We are involved in the industries we cooperate with, support relevant organisations and participate in a wide variety of networks. All this in order to make it ever easier to work with us.

Achilles JQS

Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS) is a supplier database and qualification system used by purchasers in the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector for managing supplier information and risks in the supply chain and to carry out efficient procurement in line with EU legislation. Achilles ID 60104.


For IAC Acoustics, cross-border co-operation is essential for ensuring the sharing of knowledge and development experience across subsidiaries.
With experience since 1949 and customers in over 50 countries, the company possesses an abundance of professional knowledge and experience. This allows us to create world-class solutions for each of our customers that just become better and better over time.

Innovation and research

As market leader and one of the world's leading providers of noise, vibration and acoustics solutions, IAC Acoustics a responsibility to ensure new development takes place. For more than 60 years, we have actively engaged ourselves in the research and innovation of new products and further developing existing ones.
IAC Acoustics' testing facilities and laboratories are used for testing and development of new products and also for quality assurance. In our acoustic laboratory in Beijing, our products are rigorously tested in accordance with applicable ISO standards.

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