Vibration Damping Sheet

IAC Acoustics stocks PUR and rubber sheets. For floating floors we calculate piece sizes and can supply drawings showing placement of the pieces, we can also take care of installing the casting mould/ subfloor.

Below is a film about the floating floor we designed for Nordisk Film Cinemas theatre at the Waves Shopping Centre in Hundige, Denmark. You can also read more about Floating floor from IAC Acoustics here.

VIKAFOAM PUR vibration-damping plates


The VIKAFOAM PUR material has excellent vibration isolation properties, excellent chemical resistance and a long lifespan and is therefore also used in the construction sector to isolate whole building sections from each other.


VIKADYN Vibration damping sheet for exceptional vibration isolation. VIKADYN has a larger allowable deflection and thus a lower natural frequency. Available in versions VD 75, VD 150, VD 350, VD 750, VD 1500, VD 3000 and VD 6000.

Rubber sheeting for vibration isolation of larger, heavy machine set-ups

Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheeting may be used for vibration isolation of larger, heavy machine set-ups, such as tooling machines, printing machines, textile machines, lift machinery and in many other applications. Can be layered for better damping.

VIKACELL for floating floors requiring a high level of sound insulation


VIKACELL is a microcellular elastomer, which is extra flexible, and can handle up to 75% - 80% compression without damage to the material. VIKACELL is typically used for floating floors requiring a high level of sound insulation.

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